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  • It became obvious to me today that despite the fact that we do not all fish the same body of water and rarely see each other, there is a large sense of VBL family.
    The fellowship and sportsmanship in this league is amazing!
    Thanks you NBL for putting the fun back into competitive fishing.

    -Matthew Martin

  • Felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened my package today.  SO excited to work some sponsor baits into my lineup.
    The Inferno Shakeyheads will definitely be a key to bed fishing for me this spring, and the Bombshell Turtles in white will be a great early spring search bait for me.
    The VBL takes care of its anglers!  Thanks everyone!

    -Bobby Rae Allen

  • That’s what I think is so great about the VBL.  Go somewhere and fish. if you have a boat great.  If you don’t, great.  If you want to fish a pond or a river, great…   Let’s just fish!

    -Gene Pitkin