Information for current or potential sponsors

The National Bass League hosts on-line CPR tournaments through the 2 (private) Facebook groups. As of January 4, 2019, the Virginia Bass League (VBL) has 3,752 members and has been operating for 5 years while the National Bass League (NBL) has 1,030 after 2 years.

In 2017 & 2018, between the 2 groups, we averaged 41 participants a month over the 8 month Regular Season.

In 2018, 1,222 Fish were posted for a combined length of 18,370.75 INCHES as well as crowning our first ever FEMALE ANGLER OF THE YEAR!!!

In addition to the Regular Season, The National Bass League offers multiple formats that you may take advantage of to get your name seen and your baits/gear used by some of the GREATEST people all across the country.

Click here for information on each format. 

I’m thinking about or might be interested in becoming a sponsor, what’s the deal??

  • Regular Season format: The Regular Season runs from March – October*. The 1st place winner is sent a prize pack consisting of sponsor donated prizes. 2nd & 3rd place winners are randomly drawn so that there is a greater opportunity for participants to enjoy your donation. If you donate $150 (or more) worth of your product (NOT CASH), anglers can earn a 1″ Sponsor Bonus by making a $10 minimum purchase from you before the next scheduled tournament.

    • Regular Season donations MUST be sent to the NBL before you will be officially announced as a League sponsor

  • Bracket Madness format: This format runs year-round and requires very minimal commitment from you. It is a single elimination style tournament that runs approximately 1 month and you have the option to sponsor for as many months as you like. There is either a single winner at the end or 2 if we do a team format.

    • You may choose to send prizes directly to winners if preferred, however, if a prize is not delivered with-in 2 weeks, your sponsorship will be revoked and you will be required to send product donations (for the number of months you choose to sponsor) to the NBL before you will be officially recognized as a League Sponsor. 

Can I send some product now & some later? (Regular Season format only)

  • Absolutely! But you will NOT be eligible to offer anglers the 1″ Bonus until a minimum of $150 of your product is received.

What can the League do for my business?

  • We allow ONLY sponsor products to be advertised, put your information on the web-site & Logo on the banner & indicator card as well as recommending your products whenever possible in the Groups.

  • We encourage members to purchase sponsor products by:

    • Offering a 1″ bonus for the next regular season tournament with a minimum $10 purchase

    • Posting purchase pictures, fish catches and sharing any specials you may be running in the groups as well as doing our best to encourage others to do the same (without turning the groups into advertisement only space)

What kind of return will I get for my investment to the Bass League?

  • Simple. Like everything in life, you can expect what you put into it. We can only do so much. In our short existence, it has been the sponsors that are active and/or participating in the group & the monthly tournaments that have the most success. If you expect to make that money back and we never hear from you, you’re going to be disappointed.

I just started making lures and would like to get my name out there but not ready to commit to a $150 donation. Can I still get involved & grow my business?

  • 100% yes! The National Bass League & Virginia Bass League are GREAT platforms for someone like you just as they are for more established bait makers, painters, rod builders, etc.

  • You may choose to donate a smaller amount for the Regular Season or separate prize packs for one of the other tournament formats.

How long the sponsorship last?

  • REGULAR SEASON Sponsorship lasts from Feburary 1st (or as soon as you are an “official” sponsor) until the end of that calendar year.

    • The regular season is the only format that anglers can earn bonus the inch

    • At some point after the last tournament in October & the beginning of the next year, sponsorship renewal will be discussed for the next season

  • IN-PERSON TOURNAMENT Sponsorship – Currently the Virginia Bass League hosts 2 in-person tournaments per year. Donations to give away randomly or as prizes are greatly appreciated as well.

  • NBL BRACKET MADNESS Sponsorship is an opportunity to get your product into anglers hands without the commitment of the REGULAR SEASON and will only last the length of the individual tournament you choose.

How do I get involved?

How do members receive my product?

  • During the regular season, your donation is divided up into the prize packs that are sent out to winners.

  • Anglers winning that months tournaments are awarded 1st place

  • 2nd & 3rd place are random drawings for the remaining participants

    • This gets your product in more hands than it would awarding prizes to the handful of anglers that are consistently in the top 5

  • Anglers may NOT receive prizes more than twice in the season, also allowing for more people to “win”

We are ALWAYS open to new ways and opportunities to work together so if you’ve got ideas other than what’s mentioned above, we’d LOVE to hear them.